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Posters, greeting cards, stickers, mugs, shirts and much more in my store!

My cartoons, comics and artwork are featured on thousands of cool items in my Zazzle shop. There you'll find my humorous greeting cards, posters, clothing, mugs, tote bags, magnets, stickers and so much more. Click on the image below to be magically transported to my shop!

SALE! All greeting cards in my shop have been reduced in price, including my large collection of Christmas Cards!


THANK YOU for supporting Captain Scratchy!

funny birthday cards and magnets

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funny manatee cartoon with people on a boat calling him cute, but manatee says he's sexy
dolphin and shark discuss see you later alligator saying, but the alligator is sad
great white shark orders a meal from a hammerhead shark server, saying I'll have what she's having
aliens in a spaceship abduct a great white shark while a manatee watches
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