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About me

Hello. I'm Chuck Ingwersen, a freelance cartoonist, humor writer and illustrator with animal tendencies. That is, I have a tendency to focus on animal humor — including the most dangerous animal (man), the second-most dangerous animal (woman), and the third-most dangerous animal (naked mole rat). Also bears, sharks, manatees, horses, cats, dogs, cows, penguins and just about any other creature you can think of 


My work can be found on greeting cards and other delightful consumer goods, on numerous websites, in newspapers and magazines, and on a helium balloon that was last seen floating over Topeka, Kansas.

You can find a lot more of my cartoons and comics on my Instagram feed (link below). I'd be very appreciative if you'd follow me there!

As a full-time freelancer, I depend on the support of people who enjoy my work. So if that's you, I'm forever grateful and I'm sending you a virtual hug. 

I now have a Ko-fi page, where you can "buy me a coffee" if you'd like to support my work!

Click on the links below for my other fun sites: 

  • Instagram
  • Youtube



Play video below for some cartoon highlights!

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