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A Brief History of Captain Scratchy

Captain Scratchy began in 2009 as a webcomic focused on housemates Rick (a cat) and Rufus (a dog). Their rather mundane existence soon became enlivened by a cast of characters including an angry horse, a lethargic and usually drunk beaver, and a moody bear. Oh... also a Bronson Pinchot impersonator (if you have to ask, don't ask).


New characters (including an endangered chicken and a lazy shark) were added to the cast throughout the years. Eventually I began to post cartoons and comics under the Captain Scratchy banner that stood apart from the original characters and storylines. These days Captain Scratchy leans toward random stand-alone cartoons and comics, but every now and then some of the "classic" characters stop by for a visit.

Below are just a few of my favorites from the "classic" Captain Scratchy crew.

funn cat and dog napping cartoon
funny chicken for dinner cartoon
funny dog, cat and bear cartoon
funny animals want some pool time cartoon
funny cat and dog play with water cartoon
funn bear with many hats cartoon
funny dog and cat leave the beach cartoon
dancing cat drank too much coffee animated gif

Too much coffee

funny two horses in a kiddie pool animated gif
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